President's Corner

Dear Fellow Southernites:

I am pleased to welcome you to and to what I
consider as a “new way of doing business” for the Southern University Bay Area Alumni Chapter. Our website has key information for Scholarship Assistance, Alumni Chapter Membership Information, and local chapter events.

As an Alumnus of the Great Southern University System we are standing on someone else’s shoulders reaping the harvest of seeds planted by our ancestors. We must realize that our ancestors marched, cried, and died for us to be where we are today. There’s no greater reward in life than when we, as Proud Jaguars, reach back and bring someone else across, reach down and bring someone up, and reach out and pull someone in!

I implore all local Southernites who are not currently
active; to get in touch with our chapter and assist us in our continued endeavors to raise funds for local Bay Area students to attend the Southern University System.

I am eager about the future plans that lie ahead for our Alumni Chapter. The Southern University Bay Area Alumni Chapter’s core events are the Annual Scholarship Crab feed and Founders Day Celebration. Please check the event section for dates, time and location for all events.

In conclusion, the Alumni Chapter exists to support the Alumni Federation and University. All of our efforts are geared towards accomplishing that goal. As the SU Bay Area Alumni Chapter President, I invite and request that you join us. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly.

Yours in Southern,

Terrell A. Gray, MBA
Chapter President